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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  September 2, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. our top story, some people on the north side of the district dealing with extreme flooding tonight, roads turning into rivers, multiple power outages and at least one metro station closed after water submerged the tracks. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm maureen umeh. before we take you life to the floodwaters let's start with a check on the weather. gwen tolbart is in the weather
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center. >> the flash flood warning for the district of columbia is set to expire right now at 10:00, but i would be kind of surprised if they didn't extend it or at least also extend it to areas west because let's look at radar. it is really filling in with a lot more areas of heavy to moderate rainfall. as i mentioned in our 6:00 hour, the problem is that we'll continue to see these popping up here and there, not always concentrated in one particular area, but some of these being extremely heavy pockets of rainfall coming down fairly strong and some with lightning as well. here's a look at our fox 5 accuweather radar. you can see the heavier sets of rainfall along the i-66 corridor getting hit badly. we had a very heavy cell over the d.c. area a little earlier tonight. here's a look at some of the totals so far. you can see more than 1 inch of rainfall to the south of d.c. and as we look towards areas to our west, more than 2 inches in some areas.
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as i said, it's not over yet and they continue to move through and pop up. not only do we have the moisture across the region now, but there's more coming from the west. that's because we're dealing with the remnants of what was isaac, so a lot of tropical moisture and that frontal system being a real trigger for more rain and more storms in the course of tonight. back to you. >> we'll check in with you later. some of the worst flooding is said to have been in the bloomingdale neighborhood in northwest. fox 5's karen gray houston is live with the story. it looks like the floodwaters that were behind you have receded, but not too long ago we were told cars were floating down the street. >> reporter: right. can you believe it? we were on rhode island avenue between first and second streets and the water has receded. it looks nothing like it did even a few minutes ago. earlier this street was blocked off entirely. the fire department sent units out that had to rescue several
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people trapped in and on top of their cars. the flooding here in the bloomingdale area happened in what seemed like just an instant. the water started rising high enough to lift cars up onto the median on rhode island avenue. the red toyota hybrid you're seeing belongs to a young woman who was eating out with friends at the boundary cafe. she got that car for christmas, by the way, last year and now it sees as if it's a otal loss -- seems as if it's a total loss. >> i'm just frustrated because we were not expecting this at all, just out to dinner. >> reporter: so much for going out to dinner. the storm has knked out electricity to some of the people around here. it's very frustrating for the residents who live in the bloomingdale area because it seems as if every time it rains the storm drains back up. they get some flooding in their basements and they're not sure what to do about it. the mayor set up a task force to try to get to the bottom of
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it. for the meantime the people who live in bloomingdale and some in the lajoie park area are just learning to cope with this. back to you. >> goodness, what a way to have to cope with things tonight. want to pass along this information to you. if you do need to report flooding or sewer backups at your home, call d.c.'s water command center at 202-612-3400. metro says the shaw howard university station is closed while crews try to drain water from the tracks. as a result, green and yellow train service is suspended between georgia avenue and mount vernon square. riders should use red line service between gallery place and ft. totten as an alternate route. now to the road to the white house, the republicans made their case. now it's the democrat's turn to take the stage at their party's
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national convention. president obama and vice president biden hit the campaign trail on the eve of the convention in north carolina. fox's craig boswell has the latest from charlotte. >> reporter: after months of preparations charlotte is ready to host the democratic national convention. things get underway officially tuesday with president obama speaking on thursday. president obama is hitting the campaign trail ahead of the democratic national convention during a seri of stops the president is calling the road to charlotte. he gave some hits what will be included in his speech thursday night on the final night of the convention. >> thursday night i will offer you a better path forward. >> reporter: vice president joe biden is also on the road attacking republican vice presidential nominee paul ryan. >> lost jobs, seeing your home equity slash rate, your retirement accounts drained. >> reporter: crews are hard at work at the time warner cable
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arena where the first 2 days of the convention take place. thursday the convention moves to the bank of america stadium where the nominations are accepted, but with an unemployment rate much higher than the national average many residents wonder if the president will carry north carolina in november. >> trying to win north carolina because the democrats are losing north carolina is the reason they're down there. >> i'm personally somebody that's been caught in the economic downturn and currently out of work looking and, you know, i'm a victim. >> reporter: first lady michelle obama addressing the convention opening nature. san antonio mayor julian castro delivers the keynote address. vice president biden made campaign stops in other battle ground states today. in wisconsin biden called mitt romney a rich guy who is out of touch with ordinary americans claiming romney is out of touch and he'd force the middle class to pay more in taxes so wealthy people can pay less. >> these guys say president obama is out of touch?
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whoa. how many of you all have a swiss bank account? untold millions in the cayman islands? how many of you if you run across a refusal let the american people see your tax runs? >> biden also headed to detroit to speak at the union rally on labor day. on the rep side develop vice presidential nominee paul ryan -- republican side gop vice presidential nominee paul ryan taking some time off to watch some college football watching his alma mater miami, ohio take on ohio state yesterday. >> the fact that he's here at ohio state, we will welcome him with open arms. >> i pull for the buckeyes, but you got to appreciate the home time guy is back. >> ryan and his family watched the 1st quarter in the skybox and then off to florida for a more tradition campaign stop. maryland governor martin o'malley admitted today on national television the nation is not better off than it was
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four years ago. listen to what governor o'malley told cbss' bob schieffer on meet the press. >> can you honestly say people are better off today than they were four years ago? >> no, but that's not the question of this election. the question without a doubt we are not as well off as we were before george bush brought us the bush job losses, the bush recession, the bush deficits, the series of desert wars charged for the first time to the national credit card. >> governor o'malley is the head of the democratic governors association, vice presidential candidate paul ryan immediately releasing a statement saying the comments were proof that president obama's policies are not working. a gas station clerk in prince george's county is recovering tonight after a confrontation with an armed robber. the clerk struggled with the robber inside the store on old sandy springs road in laurel last night. the clerk tried to throw a chair at the man and the robber fired the he
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clerk in the upper arm. he is expected to recover. the gunman got away. a baltimore county church started a fund to help pay for a high school student's medical bills after he was shot by a fellow student. 17-year-old daniel borowy is still in the hospital after sustaining critical injuries on monday. police say robert griffin jr. shot borowy inside perry hall high school on the first day of classes. you can find a link to the fund on our website a maryland man drowned in a backyard pool. the family members went outside the home and found him in the pool. investigators say the man was 59 years old. another big story tonight, the reverend sun myung moon died who came to fame in the
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'70s and '80s for holding mass weddings for thousands of followers. he proclaimed himself a messiah and started the unification church turning it into a worldwide movement. some families claim moon brainwashed his converts and even stole from them. eventually the church built an empire which included the washington times newspaper. moon reportedly died of pneumonia at his home northeast of seoul. he was 92 years old. oscar winning songwriter hal david died. david famously teamed up on burt backarat for a long list of hits including raindrops keep falling on my head, close to you and that's what friends were for. he died of complications from a stroke in los angeles. he was 91 years old. more details after a top official at i.c.e. turns in her resignation. >> plus u.s. military officials are holding off training for thousands of afghan police
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recruits following dozens of deadly attacks on american troops, what that means for our relationship with afghanistan. >> and it's a day many u.s. veterans will never forget, vj day or victory over japan. today people gathered for a special ceremony in honor of the anniversary, plus we talk to one veteran who fought in the south pacific nearly seven decades ago, those stories and much more coming up on the news at 10:00. stay with us. 
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a senior official from the department of homeland security is stepping down over sexual harassment accusations. suzanne barr, chief of staff at immigration and customs enforcement has resigned. fox's peter doocy has the story. >> reporter: suzanne barr first made news two weeks ago for allegedly telling a colleague he was a sexy expletive monday other things. now she's making news for -- among other thing. now she's making news for telling her boss she's step down. the now former i.c.e. chief of staff voluntarily
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placed herself on leave in august but is now leaving for good because as she wrote in a letter to i.c.e. director john morton obtained by fox news, "in recent weeks i have been the focus of unfounded allegations designed to destroy my reputation but of greater concern, however, is the threat these allegations represent to the reputation of this agency and the men and women who proudly serve their country by advancing i.c.e. 's mission." barr's whole letter was three paragraphs but i.c.e.'s response was two sentences coming from a spokesman for director john morton. "director morton received miss barr's resignation. we wish her the bess of luck." but the chairman of the homeland security committee republican congressman peter king went into far greater detail expressing far more concern with the situation saying, "the resignation of suzanne barr raises the most serious questions about management practices and personnel policies at the department of homeland security. the committee on homeland security will continue and intensify its review of all the
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facts regarding this case and dhs personnel practices across the board." but suzanne barr says the allegations against her are without merit and she's confident in time her reputation will be restored. in washington peter doocy, fox news. u.s. special operations troops have halted training for afghan police units after dozens of nato deaths. a spokesperson says the break will allow for a more extensive background check on recruits. insurgents have been working their way into the recruit ranges and shooting trainers. in the last month 15 americans have been killed with 30 others. nato is also stepping up -- setting up rather a system to let afghan police and soldiers report suspicious activity anonymously. coming up on the news at 10:00 pain at the pump this holiday weekend. just ahead gas prices are on the rise as countless people take to the road for labor day. what can you expect to pay this weekend? >> plus it does pay to go green.
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coming up how some new energy efficient homes in our area are saving homeowners thousands of dollars. the news at 10:00 continues in minutes. 
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the holiday weekend will be extra painful at the pump. since last weekend gas prices have gone up an average of eight cents nationwide. currently the nationwide average is $3.82. last weekend it sat at 3.74. here's where local prices stand. labor day drivers in maryland can expect to pay 3.77. in virginia the average is 3.68 and drivers in the district can expect to pay appear average of 3.98 a -- an average of 3.98 a gallon. drivers better back their patience if they plan to cross the bay bridge this holiday weekend, but there's an online tool you can use before heading to or from your destination. the website about streams live webcams on--
10:21 pm streams live webcams online and lets you know how bad traffic is and how long the jams are expected. for drivers on the road you can also call 1-877-bay ban for current traffic situations along route 50. a fox 5 consumer alert tonight, maryland governor martin o'malley is leading a new push to get more families into more energy efficient homes. he says the cost savings over time complement what the initiative does for the environment. fox 5's bob barnard shows us. >> reporter: they're building a community of new homes near downtown frederick priced from the mid-200s billed as smart green homes where they say it almost pays to go green. >> we've gotten our first bill, 50 cents for the electric. we are expecting that eventually they'll be paying us. >> reporter: maryland governor martin o'malley toured the community and praised the builders' work. >> we all know we live in changing times. the question is what we're going to make of these times and whether we're going to make
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something new and better. >> reporter: they're called net zero homes. >> it should all over the course of the year come out to zero. >> reporter: kilar olevo is talking about the cost of cooling and hitting her new room, five bedrooms, 3 1/2 baths. >> in new hampshire we spent about $3,000 a year on heating costs. so for us being in the super insulated home it's going to be fabulous. >> reporter: there are no ac units outside and solar panels are nearly on every rooftop. >> you put it on the roof, run a wire to the breaker box and you're making power. >> reporter: even in bad weather according to the manufacturer sales rep. >> we have monitoring systems so you can sit at your computer and see what your system is doing. people call me up and say there's still a foot of snow on my panels, but they're making power. the solar radiation got through that layer. >> reporter: the company that makes these solar panels is based in sterling, virginia, but says 95% of what they make is shipped overseas to countries like india and israel, germany and spain. governor o'malley says maryland
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is offering incentives to make it more appealing for more people to buy in. >> the combination of the net metering law which allows the homeowner to sell energy back to the grid, the solar tax credit and also the geothermal tax credit, when you stack those credits it actually brings down the initial selling price of the house so that it's really competitive in the marketplace. >> reporter: the seller tells us about 10 to 15% more than a new home that's not green. in frederick, bob barnard, fox 5 news. just ahead we're honoring two special holidays this weekend, labor day and the anniversary of vj day or the victory over japan. coming up how people in the district remember the anniversary, plus we'll talk to veterans who fought in the south pacific 67 years ago. >> also a routine airshow takes a tragic fun as one of the planes makes an abrupt crash lan -- tragic fall as one of the planes makes an abrupt
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crash landing coming up.
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. well, if they had charged for it, tonight's labor day concert would have been a sellout. the national symphony orchestra had to change plans due to weather and moved the show to the kennedy center from the capitol's west lawn, but it attracted enough people to line up around the building. the symphony performed patriotic classics. 67 years ago today americans celebrated the end of world war ii as vj day, victory over japan. that anniversary was celebrated quietly this morning at the world war ii memorial in washington. fox 5's john henrehan has the story of that remembrance and the tale of a kid from massachusetts who fought in the south pacific. >> reporter: it was a brief morning ceremony at the world
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war ii memorial to commemorate the anniversary of vj day, the sure. >> reporter: of japan and the end of the largest war in -- the surrender of japan and the end of the largest war in the world. >> thank you for our country's freedom. thank you for our families' freedom and, yes, thank you for my freedom. >> reporter: a handful of world war ii veterans helped display wreaths to remember the 400,000 americans in uniform killed in the conflict. later in the day 87-year-old john mc grory visited the memorial. he remembers that day 67 years ago when he and his army buddies learned the japanese government agreed to surrender. do you remember that day? >> yeah. we were given a lot of beer. >> reporter: john can laugh now, but during his trip to the world war ii memorial he made a point of stopping at the part of the monument commemorating the tough beachfront landings
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in new guinea where the infantrymen saw many comrades drown before making it to shore. >> every landing you didn't know whether a lot of the times the lcis would not make it and you'd hop off the thin and you'd just go down under -- thing and you'd just go down under. we lost a lot that way because they couldn't make it to shore. >> reporter: the army sergeant helped occupy japan and shared with us a long held military secret. >> we were one of the troops that landed and that was kind of scary. >> reporter: why? >> because we were told we could have our rifles but no ammunition. >> reporter: the army did not want incidents. so many of the u.s. soldiers who first occupied japan including john mc grory did so without bullets. at the world war ii memorial in washington, john henrehan, fox 5 news. >> the japanese actually surrendered august 15th, 1945,
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but the document was not signed until september 2nd. so that's the day that world war ii officially ended. baltimore's busy weekend peaked this afternoon with the second running of the baltimore grand prix. cars took a few spins on the 13 turn track through the streets of downtown baltimore this afternoon. it's a road course known for its tricky turns. at the end of 75 laps around want .4-mile course, ryan hunter-reay took the checkered flag holding last year's champ will power back at the 6th. >> oh oh. no, no, no! >> oh, he's down. >> no! >> one person is dead after an accident at an airshow in iowa. the crash happened yesterday as planes were performing at davenport municipal airport. the plane was making a 45- degree bang but couldn't come out of it. the -- bank but couldn't come out of it. the pilot did not have time to eject before it crashed. >> he went nose down into the ground and burst into flames. i was instantly in tears
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because i knew more than likely he didn't survive. >> the pilot was a member of the hoppers flight jet team. his name is withheld until family members are notified. on friday friends, family and colleagues honored neil armstrong during a private memorial for the late astronaut. a week after his death people remembered armstrong as an american hero who left a footprint on the universe as the first man on the moon. fox's james rosen has more. >> god bless neil armstrong. >> reporter: mom spoke for of american when he paid tribute to the late -- mitt romney spoke for every american when he paid tribute to the late astronaut when he died. the advent of the nuclear age when man attained the ability to destroy the entire plan wet manmade weapons marked one sharp -- planet with manmade weapons marked one sharp split and there was even more one profound break of the past
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because the moon landing transcended the earthly sphere entirely. >> it's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. >> for one priceless moment in the whole history of man all the people on this earth are truly one, one in their pride in which you have done and one in our prayers that you will return safely to earth. >> reporter: former mercury astronaut john glenn was among those who attended a private memorial for armstrong in suburban cincinnati friday, but the passing of this almost virtuous man has led many to wonder whether the steady bleeding of the nasa budget constitutes a complete abandonment of manned spaceflight and whether that is any way to honor the armstrong legacy. >> i believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal before this decade is out of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the earth. >> reporter: for the first time since the dawn of the space race the united states is
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reduced to hitching rides on russian spaceships to the international space station. with the 135th and final space shuttle mission 13 months ago the obama administration proposed for fiscal year 2012 a nasa budget of 14 billion, about half what was spent adjusted for inflation in the year of apollo 11. >> nasa has come to the time when they really do need to encourage private industry to start taking on the role. >> reporter: armstrong's few forays into the limelight in recent years were on nasa events and capitol hill where he deplored these funding decisions as embarrassing and unacceptable. >> if the leadership we have acquired through our investment is simply allowed to fadeaway, other nations will surely step in where we have faltered. i do not believe that would be in our best interests. >> reporter: in washington james rosen, fox news. coming up the end is near
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for the nationals pitching ace. he was on the mound this afternoon in the series finale against the cardinals. lindsay murphy is on deck with sports. >> well, the flash flood warning for the district ended, but one has been issued for rappahannock county and look at these clusters of storms and heavy rainfall. i'll let you know where it's headed and how long we'll have wet weather after the break. president clinton: this election to me is about which...
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candidate is more likely to return us to full employment. this is a clear choice. the republican plan is to cut more taxes on upper-income... people and go back to deregulation. that's what got us in trouble in the first place. president obama has a plan to rebuild america from... the ground up, investing in innovation, education... and job training. it only works if there is a strong middle class. that's what happened when i was president. we need to keep going with his plan. president obama: i'm barack obama and... i approve this message.
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i feel like we should be singing that boyz ii men song for steven strauss burr. >> i love boys 2 -- strasburg. >> i love boyz ii men. >> stop. >> i'm not kidding. >> let's talk about this after your segment and get through sports first. >> we'll talk about stephen strasburg. i'm blushing now. two is a magic number for steven strasburg and then his season is over. the national ace pitches in his final home game friday against
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the marlins and his final start of the seven -- of the season is september 12th. he would go six scoreless innings today and strikes out the final batter alan craig, his ninth strikeout of the game. he leaves with a would-0 lead. top of the -- 2-0 lead. top of the 7th a two-run homer to right field and ties the game 2-2. so strasburg's chance to earn a 6 tonight win is now gone. bottom -- 16th win is now gone. the nats take three of four in the series and win today 4-3. it's their 81st victory of the year matching their record in 2005. here's cav johnson on his ace. >> i've been -- davey johnson on his ace. >> i've been hooking him a little early because of the innings count. i think had he another inning in his tank but also didn't
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want to run it up and maybe cost him the start. so -- but he was outstanding. the redskins have three running backs on the roster and the biggest surprise is rookie alfred morris, a 6th round pick from florida atlantic and that's head coach mike shanahan. he runs for 107 yards against the colts, 2nd year back evan royster missing the third preseason game with a mild injury. he returns for the final preseason game against the bucs and roy helu cements a spot rushing 15 times for 90 yards against the bucs. >> they're proven players. what i mean by proven, i like what i've seen in practice and in the game and each guy has a little bit different quality. it will be interesting to see these guys compete. >> we'll show you the video of those running backs coming up on nissan sports xtra, also my one on one with price harper. >> i thought you were going to say your one on -- bryce harper. >> i thought you were going to say your one on one with boyz
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ii men. >> everybody likes them. they were a good group. >> your sports is great, too. >> thank you. >> i'm going to keep it more topical for now on. let's talk sports during sports. coming up people in the gulf are spending the holiday weekend cleaning up from isaac. we'll have the latest on the situation down south, plus people closer to home dealing with flooding of their own coming up next as the news at 10:00 rolls on.
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part of a neighborhood in woodbridge, virginia, will get a second chance after flooding forced residents out of the holly acres community which was largely destroyed when tropical storm lee hit last september just days after hurricane irene. more than 60 homes were condemned, but a group called project mend a house agreed to help residents with repairs if
10:44 pm
they qualify for assistance. volunteers kicked off the effort yesterday after county officials cleared the way for nine trailers to be repaired. residents in the gulf coast states are spending labor day weekend cleaning up after hurricane isaac. utilities are making steady progress restoring power to people in new orleans. about 700,000 homes were left without power after the storm hit across the state. fox's casey steigel has the latest. >> reporter: five days after hurricane isaac slammed into the gulf coast and hundreds and thousands of people remain without power. the primary energy company in louisiana says it could take several days before all of the lights are back on and that spells misery for a number of people here as the sun is starting to shine and the heat index forecasted to be near triple digit temperatures. however, the sun is a welcome sign for many people because it will help start drying this waterlogged area out. the nearly $15 billion in new levee and flood protection
10:45 pm
systems built after katrina fared quite well during hurricane isaac, but not so much in parts of plaquemines parish. a community built levee, not a federal one, but it overtopped in the town of braithwaite. it send floodwaters up to second story windows, so to alleviate the problem crews have intentionally breached the levee cutting bholes in it to get the water out of the town much faster. >> we're making a lot of progress and have a lot of work to do still, but the plan we have is working and has been working the last three days of. >> reporter: meantime president obama will make a stop in the region monday, labor day, to meet with local officials and also see some of the damage firsthand. homeland security secretary janet napolitano spent part of her sun also touring the region -- sunday also touring the region first in mississippi and then down with officials in slidell, louisiana. that is the latest from new
10:46 pm
orleans, casey steigel, fox news. we are getting some new video from the district tonight of how bad the flooding was out there. this is the scene along rhode island avenue in northwest earlier tonight where someone had to be rescued from their car. as you can see, cars in the street were submerged by those floodwaters. an update from metro tonight, the shaw hour university station will remain closed the rest of the evening because of massive water flooding the tracks. metro hopes to reopen the station tomorrow. if the station does reopen, they want to remind riders they'll be operating on a sunday schedule because of the labor day holiday. >> boy, it sure came down and came down fast and furious, all those problems tonight. are we in the clear totally? >> no, we are not in the clear. i talked about the fact at 6:00 the fact we've got this unsettled weather pattern. we're going to see pockets of heavy rainfall here and there. some areas will see lighter amounts. last night we had some heavy rainfall and really torrential
10:47 pm
rainfall in berkeley in west virginia. they had streets flooded there, just unbelievable, but this is all this pattern that we're currently under right now, clouds, showers, periods of heavy rainfall, thunderstorms. right now a lot of clouds outside as you can see with that shot, but here is another area now getting hit west of the district. a lot of this has to do with the frontal system here. there's a lot of waves of energy riding along it and kicking up a lot of activity and a lot of instability in our atmosphere. we're getting a lot of that very unstable situation just about all threw the areas along the -- through the areas along the line of the front to the south of the front and we've got also the tropical air mass settling in place. that is all coming from the west from the remnants of isaac. that's what we're still dealing with. here we have a severe thunderstorm warning in effect for rappahannock county. it's until 12:15. it's now ended, however, for the district, but you can still see where we've got pockets of
10:48 pm
heavy rainfall here and this is going to continue to move its way through. i can't say we are out of the clear tonight at all. let's go to our weather maps and look at some of these accumulations. 2.3 inches to the core of the district, a little north 1.2, less than an inch in some of our other neighborhoods, but again the night is not over, but neither is the week and unfortunately for a good part of this week this is what we'll be dealing with. here's a look at the spin of where all the moisture is from isaac. to the south of there there are some tornado watch boxes and warnings. that's been a pretty active day for some of the areas of the central portion of the country, but the remnants of isaac will push their way across the mid- atlantic and interact with the frontal system we have. we'll be in the thick of this moisture straight through until the middle of the week before we get a chance. this is where that warning is currently where i mentioned until 12:15. temperatures today were pretty close to where we should have been, 84 degrees at reagan
10:49 pm
national airport, 83 at dulles and bwi thurgood marshall. it felt warmer because it's very muggy. the dew points are high. so it felt like it was in the 90s throughout most of our neighborhoods. it's 78 now at d.c., 77 in baltimore, 82 quantico. we've got 72 at winchester, 73 martinsburg and 75 degrees this hour at hagerstown. this is that frontal system stalling out and then we'll see as we move into monday it's going to start to move north as a warm front. once again that's going to add to more instability in our atmosphere. showers and storms throughout the day tomorrow as well. it looks like we'll see a fair amount of activity into the late morning hours into the early afternoon and tomorrow i anticipate that we will end up seeing more widespread shower activity and storms than we have today. if you're heading out anywhere tomorrow, be aware of that. it looks like this will stick around through at least until wednesday before we start to get much of a break. in the tropics still keeping an eye on tropical storm leslie. it's expected to become a
10:50 pm
hurricane, but expected to take a path close straight through to bermuda not really affect anywhere along the u.s. coastline, but we'll keep a close eye on it. by the early part of the week bermuda will get hit. if you're heading to the beaches tomorrow, ocean city, chance of some storms there, temperatures from 79 to 81 degrees. your day planner tomorrow by midday, a chance of some storms, 81 degrees and our daytime high tomorrow expected to be actually into the low 80- degree mark. tonight we'll be at 73 degrees for the overnight low and 83 tomorrow. here's a look at your fox 5 accuweather seven-day forecast, still getting my tongue around that learning it, very unsettled weather pattern with storms throughout most of the week. by the end of the week is when we get back to drier conditions. every day we have to expect this and the problem is the ground is very saturated from the rain we're getting. so on top of that it's causing problems. i wouldn't be surprised if
10:51 pm
throughout the week we end up with more flash flood warnings. >> a reminder, you can check weather any time when you download the fox 5 weather app from apple's app store or the android market on your smartphone. search for d.c. weather. it's also on our website a local woman invented a new word to explain her dance exercise program. the word is kazaje, an amalgam of spanish and portugese meaning house of positive vibes. we'll see what's shaking in there. there. >> reporter: her name is osca boucher. before her dance exercise begins she insists some of her students come close. >> i need the stage full. i get upset with you guys have this -- get up here right now, you, you. >> reporter: moments later the music begins and so does a one hour high energy workout called kazaje.
10:52 pm
this 28-year-old bundle of energy formerly taught zumba classes, but she took requests during those classes. >> the students were telling me what they wanted. they said make it harder and i kind did of it to cater to them. >> reporter: kazaje was born and it's become so popular she and a few other instructors lead classes as often as four times a day. the high energy music comes from all over the world. >> the music compels you, so right when you're exhausted and say i can't take another step, they put something else on and of you're like oh, that's my song and you -- and you're like oh, that's my song and you start going again. >> reporter: the music is played at a deafening volume. if you try kazaje, i recommend ear plugs. many students say they're getting healthier. >> i started losing weight and ultimately lost about 60 pounds. >> reporter: 60? >> uh-huh. >> reporter: and this was it? >> yes.
10:53 pm
>> reporter: osca boucher trademarked the name but is not currently eager to expand national. >> this is the way i like it. i love it just here and just keeping it our thing and just making it solid here. that's my dream. >> reporter: at the noon kazaje workout in springfield, virginia, john henrehan, fox 5 news. >> remember that, kazaje. i think that's how you say it. still ahead if you ask anyone, they say maryland's claim of fame is their crab cakes. now the state is also famous for the largest crab cake in the world. coming up we'll show you where the massive cake was created. >> coming up on the news edge at 11:00 the queen city is gearing up for the national democratic convention tomorrow, what you can expect in the days to come next on the news edge at 11:00. [ female announcer ] introducing yoplait greek 100.
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a new world record has been set in maryland for the world's largest crab cake made with 200
10:57 pm
pounds of fresh maryland crab meat and cooked in a custom cooker over eight hours. fox's karen parks checked it out at the state fair. >> one, two, three. sidestep. >> reporter: it took nine hours to make and a whole lot of muscle to lift, but many say this tasty seafood delight was worth the wait. >> that's a big crab cake. so my question is how many cans of old bay went into that? >> reporter: today at the maryland state fair maryland's own handy international seafood achieved the guinness world record for the largest crab cake weighing in at 301/2 pounds. while many were amazed others weren't sure what it actually was. >> at first i thought it was a big pizza, you know, and that it was going to rise up or something. i wasn't quite sure. >> reporter: well, of course, a crab cake of this size couldn't be grilled in any
10:58 pm
ordinary pan. so instead this huge device was custom made with specific directions. ions. >> and then we start and control the temperature by rotating every five minutes. >> reporter: but a small slip could mean big trouble. >> because if one guy gets off one way or the other or cocks one way or the other, it will destroy the cake, destroy the appearance. this way it really fits. so far we're two for two. >> reporter: luckily no mistakes were made as the guys unscrewed the stainless steel lid while fans took pics and watched in nervous excitement all hungry and ready to dig in. >> delicious. look at all that crab meat. >> oh, it's so good. it's like the best i've ever had. >> reporter: well, it seems like this crab cake size definitely measured to it's taste. >> the news tonight is far from over. the news edge at 11:00 starts
10:59 pm
right now. this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. >> the news edge begins in the district where some residents are dealing with extreme flooding. thanks for staying with us. i'm maureen umeh. the bloomingdale neighborhood in northwest no stranger to flooding and tonight they're seeing some of the worst flooding in the area once again. fox 5's karen gray houston is live there with the story. >> reporter: that flash flooding is a curious thing and flooding is becoming a way of life for the people who live in this bloomingdale community. every time there's a storm or some heavy rain there is flooding in the streets and people's basements get flooded. we stopped by derek jones' basement apartment on first street and were greeted by sandbags at his door. by the time we got there he had already pumped up the water from the floor, but he had put up all his small furniture and personal items up on higher ground so they wouldn't get wet, even his cat didn't


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